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EMDR Speciality Trainings

EMDR Speciality Trainings : 
"EMDR & Addictions" and the "Recent Trauma Episode Protocol & Group- Trauma Episode Protocol" trainings are only available to those who have completed EMDR Basic Training Part 1.
To Attend the "EMDR & Dissociation" training, you need to have completed the EMDR Basic Training (Part 1& 2)

EMDR Specialty Trainings

EMDR & Dissociation, Advanced Training, Wellington - FULLY BOOKED, WAITLIST OPEN

18th - 20th September 2023

EMDR & Dissociation, Advanced Training, Wellington

11th -13th March 2024

EMDR & Addictions, Mercy Centre, Wellington

16th - 17th October 2023

R-TEP/G-TEP, Mercy Centre, Wellington

19th & 20th August 2024


All our basic training and speciality training is accredited and/or supported by EMDRNZ

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